Office 365 authentication prompt when opening documents

In our environment we are using Office 365, we configured ADFS / ADFS Proxies / and Dirsync to manage SSO.

We have constructed smart links to ensure users are automatically signed into SharePoint when using their work laptop and Internet Explorer – if they are using a difference device / browser then they are directed to the corporate login page.

We experienced an issue where customers would be requested to sign into Word / Excel / PowerPoint when opening files directly from SharePoint.

This was resolved my modifying the smart links to contain 



Example smart link:

more info on smart links

SharePoint 2013 Search (Office 365)

I was hunting for information on query suggestions for Office 365….query suggestions are handled in two ways:

1: You can upload your own query suggestions through the admin portal

2: SharePoint will dynamical build a list of query suggestions based on previous searches and click throughs:

SharePoint automatically creates a query suggestion when users have clicked a search result for a query at least six times. For example, if users have entered the query word “coffee” and then clicked on a search result six times, then “coffee” automatically becomes a query suggestion.



Remove accounts from people search

Recently came across an issue where there were 3 “David Hendry’s” appearing within people search on SharePoint 2013 / Office 365.  So if a user searched for me, they would see 3 ‘identical’ people to choose from.

The accounts were:

* My main domain account
* My domain admin account
* My cloud admin account

The requirement was to hide cloud admin and domain admin accounts from the search results.

The resolution was to edit the People Search Core Results web part…

I modified the query (shown below) to include the domain name for internal accounts, remove any accounts containing adm_ and